Sunday, May 19, 2024

Depth Deception

A woman holding a fake eye Julia Asher

• Depth Deception •

May 31st and June 1st [+ post show reception] at 8pm

Triskelion Arts (106 Calyer Street Brooklyn, NY 11222)

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My identity is intertwined with my disability. I was born with a rare cancer in my left eye called retinoblastoma. “Depth Deception” is about growing up with one real eye, one fake eye and the challenges that come with that. This dance recreates experiences I have on a daily basis through actions and memories that define how I view the world half blind. It follows my progress of owning my perspective, while the dancers with full vision begin to realize my differences and the contrast between seeing half blind and seeing with two eyes. “Depth Deception” takes the audience on a journey exploring different points of view. I am constantly challenging myself to discover all the possible ways in which my point of view limits yet enhances how I move half blind.

Dancers: Alex Schmidt, Joey Mattar, Steven Orrego Upegui


Malia Lam graduated from UCLA with a BA in Dance. Since living in NYC, she’s danced for Vive, Angie Moon, Jordan Ryder, Misaki Hayama, SarAika, Robert Mark Burke, Joseph Heitman, Gable Couch, Katie Messina, Animus, and Yu.S.Artistry. Malia has choreographed a short film, two dance excerpts and a split bill. She currently dances with One Day Dance and is working with guest choreographers Alex Schmidt, Newbrese and Colin Heininger. You can also find her rocking out on stage with her band, Bone Head Stew.


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Dancers wearing costumes made of recycled plastic bags perform a lift. Text reads


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Dancers wearing costumes made of recycled plastic bags perform a lift. Text reads

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