Saturday, June 1, 2024

Micro-Grant Opportunity for Artists of Color

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The Artists of Color Council (AoCC) is a cohort of artists of color addressing cultural diversity, equity, and sustainable infrastructures in New York City’s dance communities and organizations under the auspices of Movement Research. Through inclusionary programming, curation, and advocacy, the council works to increase visibility, accessibility, and engagement with resources for movement based artists of color.

AoCC's micro grant will center artists of color living in the greater New York City area. Artists will use the google form to apply and the AoCC will use a lottery system to select two grantees. 

One of our micro-grants this year will be reserved for a Palestinian artist.

$600 will then be awarded to each selected artist. The lottery system will ensure that the selected grantee is done so without bias. 

Application Deadline: June 21st, 2024

Other acceptable forms of micro grant application submission can be an audio recording of responses or a video recording of responses.

Application Link: 

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