Wednesday, September 19, 2018

multi disciplinary art platform at St. Francis college

First day of high school in Manenberg ( Cape Flats) Yasser Booley

I am a South African photographer doing my residency at St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights. I am exhbiting work from my first book ' South Africa at Liberty' , a slice through 23 years of photography (1st 2 decades of democracy) . I was invited to connect and inspire , using my photography to have conversations about how we construct meaning, and how those meanings relate to our sense of what it possible. On the evening of the launch 28 September I am having live musicians and hope to craft a curated experience ,inviting people from as many different socio economic back grounds to create what i call a 'touch point'. I am looking for a practitioner of ballet who would be interested in collaborating under very short notice, to interpret in their own way the theme ' our comon humanity' . I have a young man doing Krumping and would like to innitiate a collaborative piece as well , as part of the experience, blurring genres and opening possibilities.

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