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November, 1-3, 2019


ASPECTOS Edward Pages

Aspectos. The Spanish term for aspects, Aspects: 1.a particular part or feature of something. 2.the positioning of a building or thing in a specified direction. Aspectos is an investigation into the Afro-Latin culture through movement and performance. Exploring the Nuyorican perspective. Aspectos are four movement narratives combined into one story; including works Madre Mía, Negra Con Tumbao, SISTEMA and Isla. There are many aspects to examining my culture through dance. From Religion, practices, traditions, language and the home. I will use traditions practiced through my family’s religion of Santeria, music passed down from my ancestors and movement danced in the rooms of my childhood home. To examine the aspects, which not only make me who I am but make US a people, who have arrived only through a very long journey.

Produced by Curet Performance Project

Choreographed by Megan Curet

Performed by Megan Curet, Melani De Guzman, Kristen Hedberg, Maria Vittoria Villa, and Ann-Marie Gover, Fernando Moya Delgado. 

Photo by Edward Pages.

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