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January 13 - February 8, 2020

America Dreaming: lovelust + disasterdrag

America Dreaming David Plakke

America Dreaming: lovelust + disasterdrag brings together two one-hour, mostly solo shows with overlapping themes of outrageous physical bravado and risqué showmanship celebrating individuality, resilience, and the art-of-the-bathtub. 


As Long As It Lasts is a time-bending, intimate, no-holds-barred, 60-minute memoir for the stage that dives into how one woman used a dating app to meet men half her age, boldly confronting ageism, sexism, and historical family trauma.


Eileen is a post-menopausal, Buddhist divorcee with 100 stories to tell about love, loss, her guru, her psychiatrist, marriage, divorce, dating, and her search for a happy ending. She’s a fast-talker, but can she fit it all into 60 minutes? A Bingo game played by the audience determines the stories, so it’s a different show every night, all by chance.  


In a fast-paced experimental style, she offers social commentary on feminism, sexuality, and violence, implicating herself by sharing everything from her own pick-up lines to her quirky take on Buddhist wisdom. The inspiration for the show is random meant-to-be-ness and how chance, or some might say karma, determines our lives. The woman’s hapless pursuit of connection is revealed in themes of hidden love, unrequited love, familial love, and love at first sight. This prismatic view of one human heart learning to love again, despite being entangled in the enduring war between the sexes, brings hope to everyone who hasn’t gotten their own version of loving quite right yet.


In MUST GO ON Patrick Quinn is a wild, off-duty drag queen who thrills with literally 100 costume changes in exactly 60 minutes. Expect velcro, laughter, tears, sparkly-silver 6 inch-tall ankle-boots and a little bit of fake blood as he fights to survive an obstacle course of his own manic invention, navigating a bathtub full of kale, way too much glitter, and one epic, emotional meltdown. Patrick interrogates queer life, queer relationships and the increase of hate crimes against visibly queer, trans, and gender-nonconforming people. After walking a fine line between humorous and devastating this outrageous, slapstick-misadventure triumphs as testament to queer resilience in an increasingly hostile world.

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