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March, 5-7, 2020

Annalyn Lehnig's LAMB/WOLF

Woman in all white snarling like a wolf at the camera

Triskelion Arts Presents Annalyn Lehnig in LAMB/WOLF. LAMB/WOLF is an unlikely love story between a wolf who longs for company and a lamb who dreams of sovereignty. Written and performed by Annalyn Lehnig, LAMB/WOLF is a brutal, sensual tale for anyone who’s felt deeply connected or deeply alone with enough courage to ask themselves, ‘who am I’?

Have you ever felt hunger that’s buckled your knees?

A longing so hollow that your bones start to thin?


Or have you yearned to hear the sound of your own voice above the deafening babel of the flock?



Using rhyme, music and stylized movement Lehnig seamlessly weaves a universal tale of becoming, of the life/death/life cycle, amounting to a brutal, unpredictable end. LAMB/WOLF is physical and vulnerable, dangerous and sensual. In Lehnig’s capable hands, the audience is always cared for.


Annalyn Lehnig is an actress, dancer, teacher and writer living in Brooklyn.  She has shared her work in Seattle, San Diego, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Lewiston, ME and New York.


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