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December, 29-30, 2020

Anyplace Anytime Online Dance Film Festival

AAO Dance Film Festival

We are so happy to announce that the first edition of Anyplace Anytime Online Dance Film Festival will happen on December 29th and 30th with three different programs showcasing contemporary artist from seven countries!
*Each program is about an hour and fifteen minutes*
There will be a fifteen minutes Q&A at the end of each program, if you have any questions for the artists.
We are honored to feature so many talented artists from around the world in this online event.

Program A on Tuesday December 29th at 5PM EST (NYC time)

Evita Zacharioglou, Garet Wierdsma, Axons Dance Theatre, Kalliopi Siamidou, Monét Movement Productions, Jesse Koji Obremski, Sol Dugatkin, Alison Cook Beatty Dance, Mathilde Guerrero, Erick Boustead, Daniel Drago and Cross Move Lab

Program B on Wednesday December 30th at 4PM EST (NYC time)
Haley Miller, Evelyn Ifiegbu, Sara Montero, Miranda Stuck, Antonio Soria, Suzannah Dessau, Megan Chu, Caitlin Knowles, Stephanie Sherman/Michal Hall/Melissa Castro, Elizabeth Burr, Sara Pizzi, Cross Move Lab

Program C on Wednesday December 30th at 6PM EST (NYC time)
Alfonso Fernández Sánchez, Emma Randolph, Olivia Palacios, Fang Ting Yeh, Faustine Lavie, Cross Move Lab, Clarisse Roud, mignolo dance, Marlyn Attie and Juyeon Cha

You can get your tickets for any of those programs by filling in the form here ($10/ticket)
You will receive a confirmation with the Zoom ID and password to log in.

We are excited to spend those last days of 2020 in your company and hope that you enjoy the show!

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