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September, 19-26, 2021

Asa Nisi Masa

Dancer Cristian Laverde Konig dances between trumpeter Tim Hagans and saxophonist Robin Verheyen, his arms stretched out. Michele Brangwen Dance Ensemble

We invite you to join us for the livestream premiere of Asa Nisi Masa, our new dance and music film. 
The film takes its title from the childhood incantation spoken in Federico Fellini's film "8 1/2." The phrase Asa Nisi Masa conjures a beautiful memory for the main character in the film of a time filled with compassion and love. 

Asa Nisi Masa, with choreography, editing and costumes by Michele Brangwen and music composed by Danielle Reich, Thomas Helton and Tim Hagans, also features movement and music created spontaneously in the moment by all performers. The livestream is Free. 

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Image of two dancers (Rena Butler and Alexander Anderson) collaged on top of one another, one facing forward in a back attitude, the other in a deep backbend facing the camera.


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