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March, 5-6, 2020

BRIClab: For C.J. (work-in-progress)

For C.J. is a multimedia piece highlighting systemic racism, dedicated to Clifton Fearon, Jr., who died from an asthma attack at Argenis Apolinario

For C.J., by Davalois Fearon Dance, stems from the untimely passing of Davalois Fearon’s nephew from an asthma attack. His passing was tragic and with proper care and treatment, entirely preventable. Urban planning and systemic redlining in government agencies have pushed populations of color to areas that face disproportionate levels of pollution, which results in the asthma hospitalization and death rates among Blacks and Hispanics being 3–5 times those of Whites.

For C.J. uses a two-pronged approach that incorporates an arts and a community engagement initiative to address systemic, medical, and environmental discrimination. The piece features Fearon’s ballet-infused postmodern/Caribbean movement vocabulary; music composed by Mike McGinnis; wearable sculpture, costume, and makeup designed by interdisciplinary artist Jasmine Murrell; and set design by performer/visual artist Myssi Robinson.


Davalois Fearon Dance (DFD) was founded in 2016 by Davalois Fearon, with the mission to push artistic and social boundaries by creating multidisciplinary works that confront difficult issues and educate audiences. Fearon brings her diverse movement vocabulary, hailed by critics for its “tenacious virtuosity,” to collaborations with diverse creators including poet Patricia Smith, multi-reedist Mike McGinnis, fashion photographer Nigel HoSang, interdisciplinary artist Andre Zachery, and visual artist Jasmine Murrell. Her critically acclaimed choreography has been presented nationally and internationally, and at prestigious venues such as The Joyce Theater and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. DFD has received recurring support from the Bronx Council on the Arts, and foundational support from the MuKha Arts & Science Foundation and the MAP Fund Grant. The company was selected to participate in the DanceMotion USA Professional Development Follow-on Program in 2017 and received arts administration and professional development support from Pentacle from 2017 to 2019.


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