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June 20 - August 17, 2019

Belly Dance

Belly Dancer

Would you like to learn the art of Belly Dance but feel you "don't have the look"? Have you taken other dance classes and felt frustrated because your body didn't move like everyone elses? Feeling intimidated in a dance class is not fun and definitely not a way to help build your self esteem. Join me in this body positive Belly Dance class where we will deconstruct negative body talk and reconnect to our bodies in a compassionate and embowering way.  Whether you would like to continue with your study as a Belly Dancer or any other style of dance, you can use the gained skills and techniques in this transformative experience to support your movement in any style. I will provide a welcoming and supportive space for us to dance through our negative body image and learn to celebrate your body for all that it can do! Space is limited to this 6 week, process oriented series. Open to all female identified individuals. You don't have to have prior Belly Dance experience. Please contact me for more details at rbrownsw@gmail. com or 718-490-6704

Classes will be held at Adelante Studios located at 25 West 31st Street, New York, NY 10001 and starting in July on Thursdays 4:30-6PM or Saturdays 4-5:30PM



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