May, 18-26, 2024

Born To Be

The image shows Company Rouge logo, with an R and the name Company Rouge

Join us for an unforgettable evening as Company Rouge takes the stage in our latest production. Through captivating choreography and performances, we delve into the complexities of gender and advocate for social change.

In this thought-provoking show, we explore themes of equality of genders, rights and representation, challenging societal norms and sparking meaningful dialogue. With powerful storytelling, we invite audiences to engage with pressing issues and join us in our mission to promote equality and empowerment.

Don't miss this opportunity to be inspired by the transformative power of art. Book your tickets now and become part of the movement with Company Rouge!

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Surrogate by Ashly R.T. Yergens


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Surrogate by Ashly R.T. Yergens

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