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November, 2-3, 2019

Breathing: Breathing: Topf Technique/Dynamic Anatomy® Workshop

Breathing: Topf Technique/Dynamic Anatomy® Workshop with Lise Brenner, Jen Harmon, Jaime Ortega

November 2 & 3, 2019 11am-3pm

Movement Research, 122 Community Center, 150 1st Ave, New York, NY

Price: $75. *click here to register*

About the Workshop:

The Topf Technique is an experiential approach which incorporates the process of direct observation and sensation of skeletal structures to reveal the body’s natural instinct for centered alignment. We use specific anatomical imagery as maps guiding us in the exploration of our bodies. We will observe and feel the movement of the breath, allowing it to open pathways into balancing, centering and sensing the multi-directionality of the ribcage and connecting the action of the diaphragm to deep spinal support. 

This workshop is designed for anyone interested in freeing the body from inhibitive movement patterns, developing creativity, cultivating presence, and learning tools to help with injury prevention and recovery. This work is of special value to performers, artists, yogis, fitness professionals, therapists and body workers. Co-taught by Lise Brenner, Jen Harmon and Jaime Ortega, each day will include 4 hours of theory, technique, hands-on work and improvisation.

Accessibility: Movement Research, 122 Community Center is an accessible space. Studios are wheelchair accessible. The second floor office is accessible by elevator. Restrooms are wheelchair accessible and are all gender. Please contact Julienne Rencher, or (212) 598-0551 (voice only) for further access requests or questions.

**All classes are subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, please consult the Movement Research calendar:

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