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Friday, May 1, 2020


12 figures lay on the floor in nearly identical poses, both hands flat, right leg outstretched and left leg crossed over New York Live Arts

Bill T. Jones sees Chapel/Chapter in its present form as the beginning of an investigation. As always, the work is proceeding from a set of questions. For Jones the lead question might be, “How can this event suggest the uneasy distance our mediatized era helps create between the passive observers which we are and the disturbing, sometimes incomprehensible ‘news items’ we encounter every day.

The choreographer hopes the piece is able to create a self-enclosed world and a language made up of song, music and words (court transcripts, newspaper articles and jailhouse interviews) in dialog with a rigorous, joyful movement vocabulary. Chapel/Chapter proceeds from the assumption that we always live in the court of public opinion, transgression and judgment. The piece strives to invite that reading of the “real world” to come into the intimacy of a freely imagined contemplative space.

Choreography by Bill T. Jones
Collaborative musical score composed by Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR), Alicia Hall Moran, Christopher Lancaster, Lipbone Redding
Video by Janet Wong
Scenic Design by Bjorn Amelan
Lighting by Robert Wierzel
Costumes by Liz Prince

Asli Bulbul, Antonio Brown, Peter Chamberlain, Leah Cox, Maija Garcia, Shayla-Vie Jenkins, LaMichael Leonard, Erick Montes, Charles Scott, and Andrea Smith

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