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August, 2-15, 2020

Elisa Monte Dance Summer Series: The Virtual Experience

EMDSS: The Virtual Experience takes place from August 2-15. For more info:

The Elisa Monte Dance Summer Series: Virtual Experience is a true extension of EMD’S commitment to continuing to reach the communities that we serve. This program is just that, an experience, one that will not only hone the participants body but also develop the dancer's connection to their mind and soul. Attendees can continue to look forward to the company's unique emphasis on cross training, by way of Pilates and H.I.I.T classes, while simultaneously furthering their technical skill with dance classes of various genres taught by our diverse group of company dancers. We will dive into thought provoking conversations by continuing to conduct Town Halls, Q&A sessions, and 1 on 1's with our Artistic Director Tiffany Rea-Fisher. It is of the utmost importance for us at EMD to convey to you the magic of EMDSS via this new virtual format. We hope that upon completion participants will leave this experience feeling as though they've developed themselves as whole beings and not just a moving vessel. 

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