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April, 4-6, 2019

Everyman's Reroof

Moving Visions Melanie Futorian

Loretta Thomas' Moving Visions will collaborate with the Ensemble 212 Chamber Orchestra for an evening rich in dance and live music.  the 12-member dance ensemble will perform new works by Thomas and Catherine Gallant, as well as historical dances by isadora Duncan.  Music by Schubert, Chopin, Vivaldi and contemporary composers Stephen Barber and Lisa Belawa, will will played live by the Ensemble 212 Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Yoon Jae Lee, with Nathaniel Lanasa, pianist, and Kevin Blanq on trumpet.  Dancers are Natalia Brillante, Eleanor Bunker, Marie Carstons, Abra Cohen, Catherine Gallant, Janette Gondim, Charlotte Hendrickson, Jessie King, Erica Lessner, Holly Mitchell, Corinne Shearer, and Loretta Thomas.

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