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September, 13-15, 2019

First Body - Workshop of Creation

A group of people are gathered in a circle facing each other with their arms embracing each others' shoulders Diego Borges

We are excited to bring First Body, developed by Diego Borges, to New York City this September 13-15, for the first time in the US.

This workshop is developed from human movement. It is suitable for actors/dancers/performers, people who want to reconnect with their bodies and their movement, and people who like and need to move beyond what is usual or everyday.

It aims at developing the understanding and the artistic and creative expressive possibilities of one´s body, with emphasis on rhythm, precision and impulse as paths to artistic creation.

Our body is made of memory, but throughout our lives we get used to repeating the same principles and forgetting our first body- the body of the human being, which allows us innumerable possibilities- the body of the baby playing on the carpet, an elastic and creative body-voice-mind.
Based on research conducted in Brazil and Europe over the last ten years, First Body is an invitation to think with the whole body. The research is informed by techniques and concepts developed by director Jerzy Grotowski (Poland), the theatre company Teatro O Bando (Portugal), as well as acrobatics, contact improvisation, and capoeira.
FIrst Body has previously been conducted in Berlin, Lisbon, São Paulo, Blumenau, Fortaleza and Brasília, in search of improvement and sharing. For us there is no model to be repeated or copied, we try to understand human movement as an independent creative possibility, where each participant finds the possibilities and barriers of this somatic framework in order to overcome its limits to find new paths. We will investigate this practice through: concrete sensations; exploration of the senses; focus, rhythm and precision; tactical games; understanding of movements; coordination and attention; somatic framework; weight and severity; vocalization, breathing, intention, emotion; ritual songs; work with objects, kinesthetic empathy, manipulation; improvisation, and work with partners and the group.

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Friday September 13 - 6-9pm
Saturday September 14 - 11am-6pm
Sunday September 15 - 11am-6pm

Sliding scale options available, $150-$200

There is a possibility to pay in installments, and overall we are flexible with pricing. We are hoping to make the workshop as accessible as possible while still being able to cover costs for international travel and space.

To register, write to Julie at

Or see tickets at

About Diego:

DIEGO BORGES holds a Masters in Directing and BA in Performing Arts from the University of Brasília. He studied at the University of Edinburgh and at the University of Lisbon's Theater and Cinema School (ESTC), attended courses and workshops in New York, Lisbon, Warsaw, the Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw in Poland and in the Workcenter of Grotowski and Thomas Richards in Pontedera, Italy. He is one of the directors and actors of the GUNGUNHANA project in partnership with the Leite Couto Foundation (Mozambique) and O Bando Theater (Portugal), presented in Lisbon in 2018, and Brasília and Maputo in 2019. He is assistant director and producer of the Portuguese show A DIVINA COMEDY - HELL, elected the best spectacle of the country in 2017.

He is an actor and director in the company Teatro do Instante, a group affiliated with the University of Brasilia, where he is an actor and director of the shows EN CONTRA, AGAINST LOVE and DO CONTRA, a trilogy in partnership between countries: Brazil, Portugal and Spain.

In the theater Diego Borges awarded as best actor in the festival SESC TEATRO CANDANGO, besides other indications.

In cinema he was awarded best actor for the short film "A Noite Por Tesvisão", at the Brasilia Festival of Brazilian Cinema and also at the Cabo Frio Film Festival. He is assistant director of the feature film "Nunca" and the series "Pantanal e Outros Bichos" (debut in 2018). He started his film career at the age of 9, starring in three feature films and several short films. He starred in the award-winning short film "Poor is Who Has No Jeep," and the long "The Eighth Color of the Rainbow". He wrote and directed the short films "O Céu dos Teus Olhos", which premiered at the 50th Brazilian Film Festival in Brasilia in 2017 and "Língua", which premeired in 2018.

He has worked in more than 18 theater productions professionally. For ten years he has been working in partnership with O Bando Theater in Portugal. He is an international producer of the "Actor in a Motion Scene" course at O a??a??Bando Theater in Portugal. He participated in Theater and Cinema Festivals in Brazil and Europe. He currently teaches the First Body workshop where he has been in Berlin (Germany), Lisbon (Portugal) and several cities in Brazil.

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