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January 8 - December 18, 2020

Gentle Movement Dance Exercise

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Find joy through dancing together towards greater health. Moving For Life DanceExercise Classes provide a safe, gentle workout to help meet or progress in your fitness goals or injury/cancer recovery (if approved by a doctor).

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Class starts with a warm-up, then moves to gentle aerobics and strengthening through easy dance moves and ease into a cool down/stretch. 


Classes can be done seated or standing and are designed to:

a??   Increase energy, cardio fitness, and muscle strength

a??   Improve range of motion, balance, and mood

a??   Boost your immune system

a??   Reduce or maintain weight/BMI

a??   Ease symptoms of many chronic illnesses


Don't be shy if you haven't been moving for a while. This gentle dance aerobics class designed by Movement Therapist Dr. Martha Eddy PhD is a safe, non-intimidating environment with great music and exercise can be done at your own pace. You are encouraged to do what is comfortable and modify based on your energy level, range of motion, or fitness level. We start where you are at, so don't worry if you haven't been moving. All ages and abilities are welcome.


While in-person classes are on hold, we are keeping you moving online! Stay safe, healthy, strong and connected. #movewithus

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New to Zoom?If you are new to Zoom, remember to download the app to your device before class starts to avoid technical delays. We recommend you do this at least one hour before class.

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Tiffany and Men Ca strike a dance pose overtop a purple and pink gradient backdrop. The words

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