March 1 - May 23, 2024

Immersive Makers Workshop Series

Photo of Tom Pearson, with shaved head, beard and dark shirt, juggling crumpled paper, sourrounded by colorful sticky notes.

Immersive Makers Workshop Series

with Tom Pearson

Spring Series – April 11 through May 30, 2024
Thursdays from 7:00PM* to 9:30PM Eastern Time (2.5 hrs each)

$600 for all 8 Sessions
Drop ins and subsidized sign ups available in late March/early April. Third Rail Projects Gift Cards accepted.


Tom Pearson, co-founder/director of Third Rail Projects and director of the Global Performance Studio will be teaching some of his most popular sessions as an 8-part, two-month suite of offerings on Zoom. The series includes: Creative Cartographies, Scenario Development, Collaboration & Co-Creation, Frameworks, Sensory Design, Movement-based Practices, Conflict & Dramaturgy, Creative Practices.

These workshops are a deep dive into the techniques and practices Tom uses in his collaborative works for dance, theater, site-specific, and immersive productions. It offers explorations for mapping concepts and structures, scenario, and scene development, directing from the audience perspective, movement-based practices for site-specific and immersive theater, designing sensory environments, structuring creative practices, and working with designers, performers, artists, and audiences to co-create meaningful works. The series will cover an array of creative modalities and lean strongly towards site-specific and immersive collaborative processes.

Experience is not a requisite, only an interest in learning more about the multimedia components and multilayered processes Tom uses in his collaborations with Third Rail Projects, with other artists/communities around the world through the Global Performance Studio, and as a consultant and advisor. All creative backgrounds and disciplines welcome.

Spring syllabus:

April 11
Creative Cartographies: 
World building, thought partnerships, idea mapping for immersive, site-specific and proscenium-based works.

April 18
Scenario Development:
Devising and directing interactive projects from audience point-of-view.

April 25
Collaboration & Co-Creation: 
Personal and team style, collaborating with designers, performers, and audience as co-creators.

May 2
Structures, stanzas, ceremony, and other frameworks for designing containers of legibility.

May 9
Sensory Design: 
Environmental design, art, and ephemera as well as creating sensory maps that help 4-dimensional experiences.

May 16
Choreography and image generation, site-specific leanings, soft bodies and hard surfaces, addressing longevity and repeat stress.

May 23
Conflict & Dramaturgy: 
Finding meaning through archetypes, mythologies, and conflicts with self, scene partners, environment, and audience.

May 30
Creative Practices: 
Ideation, iteration, daily practice, and self-care for art-makers, for individual projects and larger bodies of work.


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Surrogate by Ashly R.T. Yergens


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Surrogate by Ashly R.T. Yergens

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