April 13 - August 11, 2024

La Bayadère

La Bayadère by Ajkun Ballet Theatre Rachel Neville

Ajkun Ballet Theatre opens its Season with La Bayadère, a fiction of romance and pride set in Royal India. The dazzling choreography by Chiara Ajkun and visually intoxicating colors are backdrop of the tale of love, death and revenge of bayadère Nikiya and warrior Solor. Selected dates from April 13- August 11, 2024.

Chiara Ajkun is an Italian American choreographer and the artistic director of the Ajkun Ballet Theatre. Chiara’s versions of timeless classics are dynamic one-act with centerstage the richness of the dancing, the fascinating music, and the elegant lines of the dancers. 

Based on Sergei Khudekov’s story, “La Bayadère” (“the temple dancer”) premiered in St. Petersburg in 1877 as a benefit for Russian Prima ballerina Ekaterina Vazem who danced Nikiya. Natalia Makarova brought the ballet to the United States, with her own version staged for American Ballet Theatre in 1980. Music by Austrian composer Ludwig Minkus. Nikiya, in love with Solor, rejects High Brahmin who vows to kill him. The Rajah wants Solor to marry his daughter, Gamzatti, and kills Nikiya during Gamzatti and Solor engagement. As the vengeance of the gods unleashes, Nikiya and Solor are united in eternal love.

Performing Company: Ajkun Ballet Company |  www.ajkunbt.org/the-company

Director: Chiara Ajkun | www.ajkunbt.org/chiara-ajkun

Cast: Momoko Burbine, Klevis Tafaj, Areum Jeong, Jeffrey Salce, Bailey Smith, Abbi Johnson, Megan Dollar, Bianca Delli Priscoli, Telmen Munkherdene, Elisa Molinari, Bianka Skenderi, Tomas Martinelli, Risa Tada, Noah Obos - corps de ballet of the Ajkun Ballet Theatre.

Shows Calendar: www.ajkunbt.org

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Surrogate by Ashly R.T. Yergens


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Surrogate by Ashly R.T. Yergens

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