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May, 12-26, 2019

MAY FAILSPACE with EstadoFlotante

Profile of person in a black skintight body suit lifting their arms. There is a pink and green washing in the background. Daniel Kukla

MAY FAILSPACE with EstadoFlotante
Sundays 12-2 PM
Process-based Workshop Series
$17 per class / $5 off if you bring a friend

Class Description
Through exercises in breathing, activating the blood flow, and heating the body, we will explore perception and how far we can engage with and become aware of our surroundings--the physical and social structures as well as the connections with other people in the room. We will translate into movement vocabulary the possibilities that the space holds by perceiving and/or encountering a rhythm both individually and as a group. We will also introduce objects into the space to continue to shape perception, significance, and composition. Using this exploration we will let the composition or choreography be, exist, and become. We will let go of our “induced intentions” to find and listen what our current state of being in that specific space and time is requesting to channel. What is a dance with purpose? How do I negotiate myself between inducing and channeling while I’m moving? Do I create the purpose or does the purpose become?

Artist Bio
Alvaro Gonzalez Dupuy (EstadoFlotante) Movement/Dance/Mix Media artist originally from Santiago de Chile, where he studied dance at UAHC, worked as a performer and teaching artist, and started to produce his own work. By interacting with sound and visual elements he explores the moving body from its internal and sensorial awareness as an attempt to unfold a vocabulary of the present that integrates and re-structures the space and its narrative. In NYC he has performed with Elizabeth Motley, Alex Romania, Miguel Gutierrez, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Antonio Ramos, Daria Fain. His work has been performed at The Brick Theatre, House Fest, Alvin Ailey City Group Theatre, open performance at Movement Research, Gibney Dance Center, BAAD!Bronx, Binary Series, Center for Performance Research, and Movement Research at the Judson Church among others.

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