June, 15-18, 2024

NDI's 2024 Event of the Year: Earth's Song

Poster image with the event's name over an illustration of the Earth

National Dance Institute (NDI) proudly announces its highly anticipated 2024 Event of the Year, “Earth’s Song,” taking place from June 15th to June 18th at NYU Skirball. This extraordinary event will showcase the talents of over 150 children from New York City schools in a series of captivating performances celebrating our planet’s natural wonders and addressing urgent environmental issues.

In response to the pressing challenges of climate change, “Earth’s Song” will immerse audiences in a dynamic exploration of the globe's fragile, resilient and threatened ecosystems. 

“From the majestic depths of oceans to the sprawling canopies of forests, these performances will illuminate the interconnectedness of all living beings while confronting the threats posed by pollution, deforestation, and wildfires,” said Kay Gayner, Artistic Director of NDI.

Through the universal languages of dance and music, NDI aims to foster a deeper appreciation for our planet and inspire collective action towards a sustainable future grounded in compassion and innovation.

Mary Kennedy, Senior NDI Teaching Artist and visionary choreographer, leads the creative team of “Earth’s Song.” Under her direction, the production promises to deliver a poignant and visually stunning experience, complemented by a diverse array of choreographic works crafted by NDI’s esteemed team of choreographers, musicians, and designers. 

"Earth's Song" is a testament to NDI’s commitment to enriching the lives of children through transformative arts experiences,” said Kennedy. “By empowering young performers to express themselves creatively while addressing pressing global issues, NDI hopes to inspire collective kinship and stewardship for our planet.”  

Notable highlights include a compelling new piece by Tiffany Rea-Fisher, NDI's 2024 Helen Stambler Neuberger Artist-in-Residence, and founder of Emerge 125 and curator for Bryant Park Picnic Performances. An acclaimed choreographer whose works have graced prestigious venues such as the Joyce, the Apollo, and New York City Center, Rea-Fisher has also presented her work at Joe’s Pub, Aaron Davis Hall, and other notable venues across New York City. Additionally, the presentation includes a new work featuring dancers from the NDI DREAM Project, performed by dancers with and without disabilities.

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