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April 25 - May 30, 2020

NimbusPRESENTS: Stagedoor Series | ONLINE - Saturdays at 7pm

NimbusPRESENTS: Stagedoor Series | ONLINE - Saturdays 7 - 8 pm Photo of Victoria Santaguida By Megan Maloy

Nimbus Launches: Stagedoor Series | ONLINE - Saturdays, 7pm
Featuring in-depth conversation, exclusive video footage, behind-the-scenes engagement with Nimbus Dancers, Choreographers, Collaborators, PLUS preview artists of Nimbus Arts Center's inaugural season!

April 25 - Get to Know a Nimbus Dancer! [Recommended for Youth and Adult Audiences]

May 2 - Process Deconstructed:  A look inside Samuel Pott's Falling Sky - Dance, Music, Video Projection, and a tale of a gasping environment

May 9 - Nimbus Family Moves - A Zoom and Tell Dance challenge! [Recommended for Youth and Adult Audiences]

May 16 - Season Sneak Peek - Música y Ritmos: Latin American music of Jersey City with Segunda Quimbamba, Pedro Giraudo, Gabriel Alegria.

May 23 - Curtain Up -  View Nimbus Favorites: Memo, Patch of Turf (Samuel Pott) & The After Party (Dawn Marie Bazemore). PLUS: Interactive opportunity to be part of Memo in a culminating event of Nimbus' 15th Anniversary Season![Recommended for Youth Audiences] 

May 30 -  Process Deconstructed: A look inside Sofia Nappi's YA?gen and the Nuanced Choreography of an Emerging Visionary.

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