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Saturday, January 4, 2020

Performance and a Party

A crowd dancing

An evening-length event with three chapters:
Happy Hour | Performance | Dance Party

About Performance and a Party

Established in 2016, the show is created, produced, and performed by The Warrior Poets - an artistic collaboration founded by Hannah Wendel, Yiannis Logothetis, and Elia Mrak. It’s a blend of contemporary, folk, and street dance improvised into a dramatic, humorous, and engaging physical performance.

This event puts a dance performance in the context of going out with friends, meeting some new people in a cool space, and having a dance party. This night is about building community, having a good time, and finding ways to meet and gather people that isn’t at a bar or sporting event. We hope to bring people together to show them the power and beauty of dance to inspire, educate, and connect people.

Performance and a Party has been toured all across the United States, in New York, [at the end studio, No.4 Studio, Arts On Site, Triskelion Arts] in Seattle [at Base Art Space, The Collective and MadArt], Chicago, [at Fulton Street Collective] Los Angeles [at Navel], Atlantic City [a community outreach performance at the Atlantic City Townhouses] and internationally in Brescia, Italy [at Palazzo Caprioli]. The Warrior Poets are looking forward to being back in New York City, where it all began!

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