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October, 3-6, 2019

Soaking Wet

Soaking WET The Bang Group

After 15 years, curator David Parker and producer Jeffrey Kazin announce the grand finale of the Soaking WET series with one-hour performances by Keely Garfield Dance (Program A), and Beyond the Bang Group (Program B).

Program A: Keely Garfield Dance will perform Garfield's work-in-progress "The Invisible Project," in which she is joined by Paul Hamilton, Molly Lieber, Doug LeCours, Angie Pittman, Shane Larson, and non-identifying movers (Thurs/Fri/Sat at 7 PM)

Program B: Beyond the Bang Group, a program of works by David Parker, Chelsea Ainsworth & Jessica Smith, Louise Benkelman & Tommy Seibold, HEWMAN, and Amber Sloan. (Thurs/Fri/Sat at 8:30 PM & Sunday at 2 PM)

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