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Saturday, August 3, 2019

Spiritual Dance & Meditation Workshop with Shizuno Nasu

Shizuno Nasu

What do you think and what do you pray for? CRS invites you to meditate on these questions with Hawaii-based Spiritual Dance artist Shizuno Nasu. Through spiritual listening and improvised movements, you will discover your own dance inspired by the rhythms of nature and your own heart. Both classically and traditionally trained, Shizuno has for many years been creating, performing, and teaching her own unique form of dance all over the world.

All are welcome. No dance experience necessary. Please wear clothing comfortable to move in, ideally a long flared skirt or long pants in all white color. Please bring a white cloth, if you have one, water to drink, and paper and pen for taking notes.

The workshop fee is $100 through July 31 and $120 thereafter.

1:30 – 3 pm Meditation and Talk on Prayer Dance
3:15 – 5:45  Prayer Dance / Earth Dance Workshop

Listen to the voice of life on earth according to the voice of one’s own heart while discovering your own dance to the rhythms of fire, water, air, and earth.

Release the mind and body and shed beautiful vibrations.
You will be embraced by light and love.
Slowly and quietly,
While looking at one’s own body
And inward at one’s own mind,
Let’s let flow pure life energy.

Shizuno Nasu was born in Osaka, Japan and began her classical ballet training at the age of 3. She was chosen as an exchange student with the Bolshoi Ballet at the age of 7 and made her debut as a professional dancer at the age of 19. She has won high praise in Europe, Asia, and in U.S.A. Seeking a deeper understanding of dance, she started exploring ancient Japanese mythological and traditional dances in search of an answer.Focusing on the foundational forms of traditional Japanese dances, Shizuno undertook a multi-year pilgrimage, performing throughout Japan, deepening a sense of spirit and refining her skills on the art of Mai—a specific style of traditional Japanese dance whichemphasizes repetitive body movements that are done elegantly and with beauty.

In 2002, Shizuno moved to Volcano, on the Island of HawaiE?i, from New York. Subsequently, she has created a great number of staged performances that express her passion and inspiration with her unique Mai attuned to the rhythms of Mother Nature. Shizuno says, “Spirit of Nature can be seen in the movement of wind, the stark land of Pele, and in the interweaving energies of opposites, yin and yang… We must heal the earth with renewed spirit and awareness of the interconnections of all beings and elements.“

In 2010, she established her “Shizuno Nasu Mai Dance Studio” in Volcano, as a base of her creation. She has set to work on a new dance method, “Origin of Life,” being inspired by the majestic nature of HawaiE?i, receiving “Moments of Precious Life” from the four elements: Fire, Water, Wind and Earth and refining her identity with her purity toward dance. Through dance, she hopes to contribute to an international exchange that bridges Hawaii and Japan.

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