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April, 1-8, 2024

THE ART OF DUNCAN & DELSARTE - workshop in Athens, Greece

The Art of Duncan & Delsarte Dances We Dance

2-weeks dance workshop abroad in Athens - Greece April 1-13, 2023

Study the art and technique of ISADORA DUNCAN, the original thinker and cultural/artistic phenomenon, who fanned the flames of modernism 100 years ago. Duncan's was the first "release" technique originating from the breath center and impelled by the spirit. Come share in a living history of modern dance and gain a physical and intellectual perspective on the origins of contemporary theater and dance.

We are excited to share that this workshop will be the first in known history to rejoin Duncan's mature dance work with the movement and analysis technique she taught as a young girl, which helped her unlock her powers of expression, and that she always kept with her in a book as she toured, the work of the great French teacher, FRANÇOIS DELSARTE.

Based on natural movement, both techniques emphasize the free flow of energy throughout the body and open the pathways from motion to emotion and back again, from emotion to motion.

The simple yet ecstatic nature of Isadora's art will be explored through specific exercises and studies which have been passed down from one generation of Duncan dancers to the next. This authentic material is examined and informed by a contemporary perspective reflecting the dance/movement backgrounds of the instructor. Selected excerpts from the repertoire will be shared at the culmination of each session to further illuminate Duncan's use of music, movement, and imagery.

All levels are welcome.

Please visit for details and registration.

The workshop does not cover the cost of travel and accommodations.

Location: Isadora and Raymond Duncan Dance Research Center
34 Chrysafis Street, 162 32 Vironas, Athens

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