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October, 16-18, 2019

Tablao Flamenco at (Le) Poisson Rouge

A female flamenco dancer with her head tilted back, flinging a maroon shawl Steve Johnson

Flamenco Vivo brings the pride, power and passion of flamenco to (Le) Poisson Rouge with an international cast of world-renowned artists. This tablao style of performance harnesses the highly improvisational and virtuosic nature of flamenco and provides audiences with an intimate and authentic experience. Featured dancers include Fanny Ara, Emilio Ochando, Isaac Tovar, and guest artist  Lucía Álvarez “La Piñona”, accompanied by guitarist Jose Manuel Alconchel, and singers Francisco “Yiyi” Orozco and Jesus de Utrera.



Named after the wooden floor used by a bailaor/a (dancer), tablaos are intimate flamenco venues showcasing world-class artists, technical virtuosity, and raw passion. Highly improvisational in nature, tablaos offer audiences a rare opportunity to watch the dynamic interplay between flamenco song and dance come alive. The energy is explosive as artists are inspired by one another and the freedom to take risks and embrace spontaneity.

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Young dancers posing while holding homemade paper art projects


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Young dancers posing while holding homemade paper art projects

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