March, 25-26, 2023

Workshop with Nita Little: Somatic Communication in Contact Improvisation

Nita Little touches the arn of a student in a contact improvisation class

12pm -6pm Saturday, March 25

12pm-3pm Sunday, March 26

Please note that the workshop is geared toward intermediate/advanced practitioners.

Cost: Sliding Scale $120-$170, suggested $140. Please note that there are two full BIPOC Scholarships available in this event.

To avoid fees and for subsidized rates : Please reach out to with a subject line of ‘Your full name - Nita Little workshop registration’.

Somatic Communication in Contact Improvisation:

When bodies meet, intelligence is found in the quality of touch, the organization of physical forms, the ability to share the physics of motion, timing, and the giving and receiving of weight – but it is also, and particularly, in our ability to communicate. In this workshop we will study tonal states in order to enhance dancer’s ability to in-form one another, cast physical attention into and through different spaces of being and within one another’s flesh, so as to speak to one another in the language of presence. Working in duets our CI includes modes for building tactile attentional networks. We will emphasize communication within actions of touch, kinesthetic logic, and embodied attention. Diving into the metaphors that arise when we move well together we can extract personal wisdom from our time dancing. Expect training in specific skills, movement meditation, and trance practices to enhance learning, research, scores, and personal feedback. This work is for dancers whose Contact Improvisation practice is beyond the beginning level - those familiar with inversions, weight exchange, and changing states. Expect to be touched on all levels.

About Nita Little: An activist for relational intelligence through improvisational dance practices that began with the emergence and development of Contact Improvisation (CI). A dancer, teacher, choreographer, and theorist, her work with Steve Paxton was generative of CI in 1972. Little received her PhD in Performance Studies in 2014. She tours worldwide on a regular basis working for dance companies, at festivals, conferences and universities teaching, lecturing, and choreographing. Her writing investigates ecological actions of attention and the creative potentials present in entangled relations. She initiated the Institute for the Study of Somatic Communication (the ISSC) in 2016 with dance research ensembles (which all share CI in common) participating from around the globe.

Covid-19 Protocols: Proof of vaccination is required. Masks are optional if tested, and required if not.

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Surrogate by Ashly R.T. Yergens


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Surrogate by Ashly R.T. Yergens

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