Weekly Advocacy Alert, August 5: Act Now for Arts Relief Before August 8th Recess!

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Weekly Advocacy Alert, August 5: Act Now for Arts Relief Before August 8th Recess!



  1. CONTACT your member of Congress/Senate before August 8th:
    1. Write or call for PPP and Small Businesses:

    2. Write or call for Arts Relief:

    3. Speak up for Reparations:

  2. Updates on Federal:
    1. A federal judge blocked the “public charge rule;” seeking food stamps or medical treatment for COVID-19 will not have an effect on immigration status.
    2. As Congress debates the next round of COVID-19 Aid, here are the differences between the Democratic and Republican plans.

New York State

  1. EXTENDED COVID-19 Rent Relief: The new deadline to apply for the NYS Rent Relief Program is Thursday August 5th.
  2. Voter Registration: Elections are coming up. Double check that you are still registered to vote to fight voter suppression.
  3. Updates on COVID:
    • The number of total hospitalizations continues to decline in NYS. On July 25th the state had 536 positive tests. The percent of positive tests continues to hover around 1%. Even amidst the summer months and slow reopening everyone must continue to practice social-distancing, regular hand-washing, and wearing masks.
    • Governor Cuomo has added Rhode Island to NY’s Travel Advisory list. Delaware and Washington D.C. have been removed, but those who traveled from those states and are part way through quarantining should continue to do so.
    • If you have feedback for NYS on how the government can best support New Yorkers through technology, fill out this survey.

New York City

  1. Take the Census:

    • New York City’s response rate is only at 54%. If you don’t take the census, the city will not receive sufficient federal funding to support its citizens. Please complete the Census if you have not already!
  2. COVID-19 Testing:

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