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Dance/NYC is committed to effective case building grounded in action oriented research. Through research, it guides strategic and responsive policy and fund development and improves management practice. Dance/NYC understands the key role data has in ensuring dance workers and companies are advocated for and that their needs are served at this time. Dance/NYC has published 14 pioneering research reports. Please visit the research library below to access all of Dance/NYC's past research

On July 20, 2022 Dance/NYC launched the Dance Industry Census, which is the first comprehensive research study that aims to better understand the size, makeup, health and state of the dance ecosystem in the metropolitan New York City area in order to address economic inequities in the field and ensure that all dance workers are recognized and represented. Data will be analyzed by Dance/NYC and presented in aggregate form in Dance/NYC’s State of NYC Dance research report, to be published in fall 2023.

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