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Dance/NYC appreciates the deleterious financial impact that the COVID-19 coronavirus may have on the dance community, in particular organizations and artists dependent on in-person gatherings, classes, and performances as sources of earned income, as well as artists and cultural workers without readily available access to healthcare and wage protections. We also recognize that African, Latina/o/x, Asian, Arab, and Native American (ALAANA), immigrant and disabled artists may face additional challenges accessing necessary resources at this time.  

In order for Dance/NYC to better understand and advocate for dance organizations and individuals in the dance community, Dance/NYC has developed the COVID-19 Impact Survey to help us understand the impact the virus is having on individual dance workers and dance organizations in the metropolitan New York City area.  

The survey should not take more than 10 minutes of your time. If you are both an independent artist and part of a dance organization, group or project impacted by COVID-19, please take the survey for each category. Additionally, Dance/NYC recognizes that the Pandemic is ongoing, and encourages you to take the survey multiple times as the impact of COVID-19 deepens over time.

We value your input and will use it to create public awareness and guide policy, resources, and program development for dance makers and organizations based in the metropolitan New York City area.


Dance/NYC understands the key role data has in ensuring dance workers and companies are advocated for and that their needs are served at this time. For live updates on the findings of the Coronavirus Impact Survey, as well as the stories of those impacted by COVID-19 coronavirus and the social restriction measures implemented to contain the disease visit our live data overview here. 




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