5 years!

CDI 5th Year Fest


In 2019, the CUNY Dance Initiative (CDI) is celebrating five years as a groundbreaking model for support in the dance field. Pairing the resources of the City University of New York (CUNY) — the nation’s largest public urban university system — with private funding, CDI is a residency program that directly addresses the shortage of dance rehearsal and performance spaces in NYC. By opening the doors of CUNY campuses to dance companies and independent choreographers, CDI supports local artists, enhances the cultural life and education of college students, and builds new dance audiences at CUNY performing arts centers.

Since its official launch in 2014, CDI has:
>facilitated 100+ residencies for choreographers & dance companies
>provided 5,800 hours at CUNY stages & studios
>attracted 11,500 people to shows & workshops


CDI’s 5th Year Fest
March 20 – 23 at 7:30 pm
Baruch Performing Arts Center | 55 Lexington Ave, NYC
(25th St. between Lexington and 3rd Aves.)
Tickets: $11 – $36


An all-star roster of artists help the CUNY Dance Initiative celebrate its fifth anniversary. Eleven NYC choreographers — all current and former CDI residents — showcase the breathtaking depth and scope of what dance is capable of expressing on two singular programs.

MORE on who’s performing

Some of our featured choreographers share their thoughts on the WHYs behind dance and choreography.

What are some of the essential requirements to keep dance alive and growing?

Having space to make work is one of the biggest gifts. Otherwise I would still be rehearsing in my living room. That’s what choreographers need at any point in their careers: space, time and support. (Ephrat Asherie)

How would you describe the state of dance today?

I’m optimistic that the impetus towards inclusion and performances outside of theaters will spur more people to fall in love with dance. (Alyssa Alpine, CDI Director)

What is the most important thing you are contributing to the world of dance?

By working in public spaces, Kinesis Project shares the joy & details of dance with everyone. Our audiences love our imaginations, scope & spectacle, and learn to see dance -- including concert dance -- as something they CAN understand. (Melissa Riker)

I knew I wanted to be a choreographer when…

…I started dreaming of work that I couldn't bring to life alone. (Andrew Nemr)

…At age eight, I choreographed the evolution of life, complete with my original costume designs and synthesizer music. (Gabrielle Lamb)

Coming Up:

CDI’s 5th Year Fest
March 20 – 23 at 7:30pm
Baruch Performing Arts Center
$11 – $36

March 20 & 22: Heidi Latsky Dance, Andrew Nemr, Sonia Olla & Ismael Fernandez, Loni Landon, Urban Bush Women, Miki Orihara

March 21 & 23: Kinesis Project, MBDance, Parijat Desai, Pigeonwing Dance, Ephrat Asherie

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