Empowered Women, Red Ribbons & Noelle Rose

Empowered Woman & Red Ribbons


Many things happened this past year that have brought forth strength, grace & beauty of empowered women. To celebrate this Rubans Rouges® Dance presents "Awakenings & Beginnings™ - NYC Special Edition: The Empowered Woman" Sept 15 8pm at the Ailey Citigroup Theater.

It's a collection of dances curated by Artistic Director Noelle Rose Andressen. She chose pieces that display women overcoming molestation & abuse, breast cancer, trials, being supportive, freedom to express & help heal others and honoring several special women that have inspired and helped our world of art grow.

The collection features: Lori Belilove & Isadora Duncan Dance Company presenting a magnificent solo from The Dance of the Furies from the opera Orpheus by C.W.Gluck with soloist: Nikki Poulos. Harper Continuum Dance Theatre will perform GO! LA FUSION Dance Theater brings a Premiere Duet "Un Encuentro" Choreographed by Albertossy Espinoza a "fusion" of contemporary and culture. Dolly Sfeir crafted a piece called "Thyself" about strong women supporting one another.

Also, a Special NYC presentation of "RED RIBBONS™" choreographed by Noelle Rose Andressen a true & critically acclaimed tale how she overcame sexual abuse. "...it was compelling & well danced..." Performing Arts Live said of section: "Coeur de Verre". This NYC Special Edition Premieres other Rubans Rouges Dance repertoire such as: ROSEWOOD where 3 women share 1 goal: to Live as they battle cancer; a World Premiere of EMPOWERED WOMEN & MORE! See the show & get 25% off Tickets with Discount Code: DANCENYC https://EmpoweredWomanNYC.eventbrite.com

Whether Ms. Andressen shares her stories on stage or on the page with her DanceWarrior® Books, she has brought her "Raw-Real-Uncensored™" approach to the arts with her multi-media dance company: Rubans Rouges Dance & productions.

Read more & hear Noelle Rose's special words of encouragement and how she has used dance for the past 20 years to help others heal by turning tragedy into triumph.

Teachers and/or Influences:

When I was in ballet & modern class rehabilitating my body after cancer treatment I was inspired by 2 great women: Isadora Duncan & Lois Greenfield. My instructor would talk about both women and their contributions to the dance world. Lois's calendars were always there on the wall to keep me going.

If I weren’t a dancer, I would be a:

Film maker, I was very successful doing it and garnered 3 Emmy nominations for my writing, producing, music composition & arrangement. I also received a Women in Film Award. While I love and enjoy making films I didn't feel it was my complete expression, my First & True Love will always be DANCE!

What are some of the essential requirements to keep dance alive and growing?

Being UNCENSORED. We as artists need to keep self expression alive. The second we begin silencing others for any reason, we have already lost. We need to honor all that our Forefathers & Mothers of Dance suffered through so that we could dance in freedom and self expression.

What is the most important thing you are contributing to the world of dance?

My life story. I have gone through so many trials and I want to share it with others through my dancing, films, writing, and the other arts I do. I want them to know that they can have HOPE and THRIVE like I did. Even if their "First Act" was shaky, their "Second Act" can be better.

Favorite Venue:

I truly enjoy DIAVOLO Dance Space in Downtown LA. It has a great intimate and indie vibe. I also love grand stages such as the Dorothy Chandler. Some favorites are those that take place in the heart when I'm outside trying new choreo and I move someone to feel something. A Venue of the Heart.

On Tour: Your best or worst experience

My best experience was after one of our shows closed and I sat on the floor helping the tech crew coil wires. A young dancer saw me and said, "You're amazing on stage as a performer and now I know you're amazing as a real person." My helping the crew said a lot to her about perseverance & character.

I knew I wanted to be a choreographer when…

During cancer re-hab I felt my ballet mentor may have suffered ordeals like I did. I choreographed RED RIBBONS for her. It was the first time I shared in dance the child molestation I suffered and overcame. I couldn't just ask her so I used dance to approach the subject to let her know I understood.

I knew I wanted to be a dancer when…

I saw the Red Shoes at 4-then it was all for the applause. After cancer ravaged my body I wanted to dance again to help others heal by using dance as the vehicle to share my story. After performing RED RIBBONS the 1st time, many women thanked me for sharing in dance what they couldn't with words.

Coming Up:

"TOUR 10!" While Rubans Rouges Dance celebrates 10 years, it previously existed as Noelle Andressen Dance. 2018 marks a year long international tour celebrating RRD's anniversary & Ms. Andressen's 20+ years in dance as well. Check RubansRougesDance.com for updated tour schedule.

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