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AXIS Dance Company

6 dancers with and without physical disabilities with sharp, jagged movement that explodes at different angels and heightsPhoto by: David DeSilva

Mission Statement

AXIS Dance Company exists to change the face of dance and disability. Based in Oakland since 1987, AXIS is the nation’s most acclaimed ensemble of performers with and without disabilities. We accomplish our mission through three pillars of activity: Artistry, Engagement and Advocacy.

Program Statement


The heart of AXIS is the commissioning, creation, and performance of contemporary dance that is developed through the collaboration of dancers with and without physical disabilities. Our artistic vision to collaborate with high profile choreographers and cutting edge innovative dance makers of our time was an excellent strategy that has resulted in artistically stunning and significant dance works. More than any other company in the United States, AXIS has been at the forefront of the field, building a bridge between contemporary dance, integrated dance, and disability culture.


AXIS' outreach program began in 1989 in direct response to community demand by those who saw our performances and wanted to study this new form of dance. AXIS maintains a more extensive engagement program than any other integrated dance program in the United States or abroad.  Our program offers opportunities and events for all ages and abilities and is the primary pre-professional training ground for aspiring dancers with disabilities.


As a pioneer of integrated dance, AXIS creates opportunities locally and abroad for people with disabilities to engage in dance by championing access, inclusion and equity for people with disabilities both in dance and in the wider community. AXIS is respected for its integrity on all levels of its artistic, engagement & advocacy programs. We have earned a place on the local, national and international dance stage as a respected contemporary dance company and we are securing our foundation to address the challenges and opportunities that role entails.

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