Disability. Dance. Artistry.

Alice Sheppard / Kinetic Light

Lying on her back in her wheelchair, Alice reaches to catch Laurel.  Laurel in her chair dives over Alice's footplate.Photo by: Robbie Sweeny

Mission Statement

Working in the disciplines of art, design, architecture, and social justice, Kinetic Light creates, performs, and teaches at the intersections of disability, dance, and race. Through rigorous investment in the histories, cultures, and artistic work of people with disabilities and people of color, Kinetic Light transforms our understandings of the dancing body thereby enabling new, powerful understandings of the moving world. We seek to showcase freedom of movement as a pathway for others to understand how mobility - literal, physical, and conceptual - is fundamental to participation in civic life and to our understanding of American national identity.


Program Statement

Kinetic Light's mission comes to life through DESCENT, an evening length performance with community engagement opportunities that will be touring North America from 2017-2020.


Performed on an architectural ramp installation with hills, curves and peaks, DESCENT celebrates the pleasure of reckless abandon. Obliterating assumptions of what dance, beauty, and disability can be, this evening-length duet takes audiences on a transformative ride. Andromeda and Venus, reimagined as interracial lovers, claim their desire as wheels fly within inches of the ramp’s edges.  Their spines soften to taste the subtle pulls of gravity and arch into the sumptuous light. Led entirely by disabled artists, DESCENT presents an experience known to all: the release of leaning into a descent.        


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