Disability. Dance. Artistry.

Born Dancing

Circle of 16 dancers walking or in wheelchairs. On video screen on backdrop people walking in Central Park. Pianist on stage. Photo by: E. M. Whiteley

Mission Statement

Born Dancing produces unique, inclusive dance performances that feature a broad range of dancers with and without disabilties and creates dance education programs for Students With Disabilities and High-Needs Students in New York City. Our performances and dance education programs have an overarching goal of providing Students With Disabilities/High-Needs with real-world dance performance and production experiences, apprenticeships to learn job and social skills, and internships in performing arts production and related fields to facilitate employment.

Program Statement

Our modern dance performances are about dance and expressing an artistic vision. Where we strive to be different is in who does the dancing. Our performances feature three generations of trained dancers, novice dancers, performers with and without disabilities, and our K-12 students. 

In our dance education programs Students With Disabilities and/or High-Needs Students (2nd - 12th Grade) take dance classes that transition into rehearsals for our performances. The High School Students With Disabilities who are not dancing in the shows take classes in other elements of dance production. The production aspects they study include costume design, lighting design, box office, videography, and stage management. They become an integral part of the production process by collaborating with working dance and theater professionals as apprentices based on students’ expressed interests.

Following the classes and preparation at the school, our students come to the theater for a full week of real-world, on-site learning. The students assist the production team during technical rehearsals leading up to opening night, as well as assist backstage during the shows, and the student-dancers perform in the shows.


Two female dancers in long white dresses stand still with arms bent and up while a girl in a wheelchair & two women pass through

Looking for Dancers/Performers with disabilities

Casting dancers/performers of all ages with disabilities for new modern dance production with live music. No auditions. Invited candidates will attend a trial rehearsal. Please submit headshot, resume, and (links to) dance videos to BorndancingINC@gmail.com. Videos of dance class, improv, rehearsals are OK.  Rehearsals between Apr. 6-June 8 (dates and times vary) at BAC (W. 37th St. and 10th…


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