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Full Radius Dance

Six dancers with differing physicalities in handstands, leaps, and wheeliesPhoto by: Bubba Carr

Mission Statement

Mission - Full Radius Dance promotes, advances, and enhances modern dance by exploring the sweep of the human experience through physically integrated (persons with and without disabilities) dance. 

Vision - Full Radius Dance provides superior artistic programming to the local, regional, national and international communities; programming that is firmly rooted in physically integrated dance. 

Values - Full Radius Dance believes:

•            Your body is perfect.

•            Your body has undiscovered movement.&a

Program Statement

Full Radius Dance maintains a busy performance schedule in Atlanta, as well as regionally, nationally, and internationally.  Beginning in 1991, the company has presented an annual repertory concert and, since 1995, has produced the Modern Atlanta Dance (MAD) Festival.  The MAD Festival has presented more than 85 companies and independent artists with over 1,000 dancers gracing the Festival stage.

The company has a deep commitment to education and outreach and brings a unique artistic experience to s

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