Disability. Dance. Artistry.

Infinity Dance Theater

Two dancers wearing black and grey bodysuits, standing beside two wheelchairs side by side on a blue lighted floor.Photo by: Sofia Negron

Mission Statement

Infinity Dance Theater is committed to expanding the boundaries of dance by featuring dancers with and without disabilities and changing perceptions of what a dancer can be.

Program Statement

Infinity Dance Theater was founded in 1995 by Artistic Director Kitty Lunn, who began her study of ballet in New Orleans at an early age. This led to a scholarship to Washington Ballet. While preparing for her first Broadway show, she slipped on ice, fell down a flight of stairs, and broke her back. Now a paraplegic using a wheelchair, Ms. Lunn works diligently on behalf of performing artists with disabilities.

Infinity’s ensemble performs throughout New York City/State, across the country, and around the world. Notable performance appearances include, among others, New York City’s Gibney Dance (2016), Theater for the New City (2013), Judson Memorial Church (2012), and Joyce SoHo (2004, 2006, 2009); the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Green Show (2015); Kennedy Center (2000, 2004); 1999 VSA arts International Art & Soul Festival in Los Angeles, CA and 2004 International Festival in Washington, D.C.; Festival of Wheelchair Dance in Boston, MA (1997); the 1st Cultural Paralympiad at the 1996 Paralympics in Atlanta, GA; and overseas programs in Italy (1999-2001, 2010), as well as in Scotland (1996, 2002).

Infinity regularly commissions new works created by guest choreographers as well as members of the company. Over the past decade, new works have been created by choreographers such as Peter Pucci, Heidi Latsky, and Carla Vannucchi.

Kitty Lunn’s internationally acclaimed transposition of ballet technique for dancers with disabilities has been documented in the form of a training video. A national teacher training program featuring Infinity’s transposition of ballet and modern dance techniques continues to be in high demand. Kitty Lunn leads Infinity’s free weekly dance classes for dance students with disabilities at Gibney, in addition to providing private lessons.

Students have an opportunity to assist in the creation of choreography that encompasses what they have learned in class. These dances are then presented to friends and family at quarterly showings, giving the students opportunities to perform in front of an audience. Promising students receive opportunities to apprentice with the company.

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