Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Brooklyn Center for the Arts is Looking for Professional Ballet/ Contemporary Dancers for Virtual Gala Performance

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Brooklyn Center for the Arts is an arts program in Brooklyn dedicated to providing access to classical art forms for underprivileged students of New York City.

To revitalize our facility and to fundraise for our program we will be hosting a Virtual Gala in Decemeber. The theme is based around a collaboration of classical music and classical dance through the topics of Hope, Health and Freedom

We are looking for Professional Ballet Dancers/ Professional Contemporary dancers who would like to share their talent to the community. We are providing you access to our dance studios to rehearse and a platform where you will be able to perform and receive recognition and exposure from the community. 


If you are interested please submit your materials to our Director of Dance- Tristan Grannum

email: mrgrannum82@gmail.com 

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A dark-skinned dancer moves freely in a dance studio


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Three dancers moving freely in a dance studio

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