Wednesday, March 15, 2023


Open Studio Showcase


Present your work at our Legacy Festival Event // Open Studio Showcase! 

What is it? 
Peridance's Legacy Festival Open Studio Showcase is an open space for choreographers to show their work in front of an audience of dance industry professionals and friends. The evening will be kicked off with a piece by a Peridance Contemporary Dance Company artist. 

There are twelve slots available, pieces must be five minutes or less, no technical support will be offered as this is a studio showing with one lighting look in Peridance Center's Studio 1. 

There is no fee to apply, for participation, or for audience members to attend. 

When is the showcase? 
Tuesday, April 18
7:30-10 PM

APPLY BY MARCH 24! Applicants will be notified by April 1st if they are selected to perform.


Apply here:

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Surrogate by Ashly R.T. Yergens


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Surrogate by Ashly R.T. Yergens

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