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Thursday, March 14, 2024

Ballet Culture Dissertation Survey / End-Date March 31st!


My name is Sage and I'm currently in my final year at Dublin City University, studying Social Sciences and Cultural Innovation.
For my dissertation, I'm delving into the realm of ballet culture, aiming to gain insights into the unique experiences of ballet dancers, with a particular focus on gender roles, body image, and career advancement. My research centers on the ballet industry, specifically honing in on the narratives of female dancers.

To provide context to the survey, here is my research question: 

How does the prevailing ballet culture, characterized by entrenched gender norms and body image standards, shape the career trajectories and self-perceptions of female dancers within the professional ballet environment? 

For some background on me, I started ballet at age 4 and danced for 12 years performing in The Nutcracker, training in San Francisco and Portland before transitioning to new things. I'm very passionate about understanding other dancer's experiences and anything you chose to share is incredibly valuable to me. Feel free to answer the questions using any terminology you normally would with other dancers. 

Please find survey here-------------------->

If you choose to be part of this survey, you will be asked to answer some simple fill-in-the-blank questions to expand upon your experiences with ballet. You have the choice to skip questions and add as much or as little detail as you like. As a former dancer myself, I hope the survey can be thought-provoking and enjoyable to write about as I tried to make them questions I would be comfortable answering.

Your privacy will be protected throughout the research process as all data collected will be anonymized and stored securely. Personal data will be handled in compliance with GDPR. Any information you choose to share may be used in my dissertation to support my dissertation. However, your answers to all questions will be kept completely anonymous to your identity. Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary. 

Thank you for choosing to take part in my survey!

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