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Apr 15 Deadline Approaching: Send in your DANCE SHORT films!

Last call to submit your shorts!  It's getting to be spring, which means it's time to get your DANCE SHORTS on... During strange and disruptive times like these, we must remember how much we love our craft.  So we want to proceed with our open call for dance films as we do each year, in an effort to stay engaged and connected with one another's creativity! Submission Form ~Free to…

Social Distancing Collective Cover Photo

Social Distancing Collective Call for Video Submissions - Dance Film Project

Social Distancing Collective is composed of a group of international artists (composers, musicians, videographers, photographers, dancers, and graphic designers) deeply impacted by the world wide shut-down caused by COVID-19. Social Distancing Collective strives to connect artists across all borders in one voice through love of music and movement.  We have set out to create a film that strings together…

Drawing by Mia Martelli

Dance Process Gallery

In reaction to COVID-19’s effect on the dance community, I created Dance Process Gallery, an online gallery for choreographers/dancers exploring other mediums such as essay writing, poetry, drawing, embroidery, knitting, etc as part of their dance research. It is officially live with its first 2 posts! Check it out!  Submissions are live and rolling. If you want to submit or know someone who may…

Dancers of Alison Cook Beatty Dance performing at Peridance Capezio Theater


Artists in Motion 2020   Company: Alison Cook Beatty Dance  Location: New York, NY    Highly-subsidized theater rental in Manhattan, professional lighting design, professional photography, professional videography, box office management, tech rehearsal, marketing, program production and printings, AND guest artists receive their box office ticket sales.   This is an amazing performance opportunity…


Final days to apply to "gestures and other tiny dances"

A night dedicated to celebrating the unique work that is born out of the limitations of tiny spaces couldn't come at a more appropriate time. Our space - The Baumann - is awesome and TINY! So, we are looking for dance pieces specifically focused on gestures and other tiny moves. Show us what you've been cooking up in your room or kitchen. (Work created in studios also accepted of course.)…

Crystals of Adrenaline

Quark tango... 6' Apart

Submit or create a 1-7 minute film, with any style of dance or music, that will be edited, if accepted,  into a compilation. This project is initiated by Deirdre Towers who produced the Dance on Camera Festival co-produced by Film at Lincoln Center 1994-2012 and the award winning documentary LA CHANA. Participants can use archive footage or create a new film that lead us through an emotional…

Dare To Dance In Public: Six Foot Distance Dances

Dare To Dance In Public: Six Foot Distance Dances

Dare To Dance in Public challenges you…. Making the Private Public: Six Foot Distance Dances How do we dance in isolation… and how do we connect? How do we create relevance dancing in the privacy of our own homes? What do we feel while being physically limited by an invisible enemy? In the face of COVID-19, we refuse to be stopped… If anything, perhaps our creativity should be amplified! So…

KoDaFe in NYC 2020 International Dance Festival

Call for Choreographers for KoDaFe in NYC 2020!!

i KADA Contemporary Dance Company is holding The KoDaFe in NYC 2020 International Dance Festival. KoDaFe in NYC unites artists, choreographers and dancers from all around the world and offers a special cultural exchange. Festival Schedule  Day 1: June 23rd Workshop/Master classes at Gibney Dance.  Day 2: June 24th Festival held at Ailey Citigroup Theater. ***Due to the situation at hand, our…



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