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June 17 - September 2, 2022

Camp On-Site Director (Summer, NYC)

What is NORY?

NORY is New York City’s favorite summer camp with 10 campsites throughout NYC. You can join us this summer to lead an exciting group of caring and inspiring teachers to shape young minds through awe-inspiring STEM projects and lots of fun! Our core values of resilience, intuitiveness, and empathy nurture purposeful problem-solving in children. 


 We are looking for a rock-star Summer Camp Site Director:

Our Site Directors are the leaders, administrators, coaches, mentors, and cheerleaders of our camps. You are the kind ear to listen and the confident hand to manage. Without you, we will not be able to run our programs! 


What it's like to work with NORY:

We are a company that seeks joy in all aspects of our work. We are purpose-driven and strive for excellence. We value the “how to make it work” attitude. We empower our employees to be risk-takers; to try new things that enhance the NORY core values. Above all, we strive to develop our NORY Core Values in all the children we work with by demonstrating them through our daily interactions. 


Words to Describe our Site Directors

 - Warm, Empathetic, Approachable, Organized, Experienced in Coaching, Sharp, Resilient, Resourceful 


Quick FAQ:

 - Hours? M-F 7:30-4:30pm. The camp runs from 9am-3pm and we leave ample time before/after the camp hours to prepare for a peaceful & successful day :-) (Site Director position hours are 7:30-4:30PM )

 - Compensation? $255.00 to $300.00 /day

 - Location?  8 locations in Manhattan, and 2 locations in Downtown Brooklyn

Do I need a STEM background? No. We train our teachers in all subjects of STEM. As long as you are enthusiastic about learning, we are happy to train you. 


Summer Camp Site Director Responsibilities

 - Coaching and training teachers to help them understand the purpose of each activity and successfully implement protocols to create a FUN and SAFE environment

 - Nurturing positive, supportive relationships with NORY campers and their families

 - Managing the resources critical to the success of our NORY camp (i.e. materials, facilities, daily schedule, etc)

 - Keeping administrative records for the camp 

 - Teaching a class when needed (Small campsite directors lead their own class).

 - Providing adequate support to achieve the following 3 core camp goals: Safety, Fun and NORY Core Values (resilience, inquisitiveness, and empathy)


You're the right person for the team if:

 - You have experience managing a team of teachers

 - You have experience cultivating family camps relationships

 - You have more than 5 years experience working with 3-12-year-old children in any subject or discipline

 - You love learning new technology and skills

 - You are positive. you ask “how to make it work?” before asking “will it be possible?” 

 - You seek feedback and welcome others to show different perspectives and more effective ways to help you grow.

 - You are accountable and disciplined. You take agreements seriously.

 - You unify the team. You help nurture a loving and caring environment that upholds the values of empathy and compassion. 


If your heart races at the thought of spending a summer with us, we want to hear from you! 

*If you have a special reason to work with us, please email your cover letter and resume at peter(at)

Compensation: $255.00 to $300.00 /day
Benefits: None
Pay Frequency: Bi-weekly

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