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June 10 - September 2, 2022

Summer Day Camp Lead Counselor (Manhattan or Brooklyn)

NORY is one of NYC’s most beloved day camps that nurtures future changemakers at 10 campsites. We create an immersive and fun experience like Disney World filled with hands-on STEM projects to help children develop our core 3 values: resilience, inquisitiveness and empathy.

We set our bar high. We are looking for camp counselors who are empathetic, positive, and willing to learn and grow. At NORY Camp, we will trust and work together to create meaningful and fun memories this summer.

Why work at NORY?

 - NORY Certified: NORY’s STEM program is highly recognized in NYC. Being NORY-certified by our training program gives a competitive advantage to your resume and future job search.

 - Positive and Constructive Coaching for Your Growth: Our education team and camp leaders are genuinely invested in your personal and professional growth through positive reinforcement and constructive coaching. The growth gives you not only a fun summer but also a meaningful one.

 - Fast Promotion Opportunity: Our professional development pipeline (Assistant -> Lead Teacher -> Site Leader) allows you to gain leadership skills as you reach your full potential.

 - Fun and Loving Memories: We truly believe that we provide special memories to our campers. These fun and loving memories shared from and with you will be memorable.

What you will be doing:

Do you remember Steve Irwin, the crocodile guy? You are the Steve Irwin of your classroom! Your inspiration will spark children’s motivation to explore and invent. Your job is to help children understand the purpose of each project and allow them to lead every step of their adventure. Sometimes you are their big brother/sister, or sometimes their cheerleader. During the adventure, you will hear a lot of “this was the best day of my life!” and “we never give up!“.

You’re the right person for the team if:

 - You have 2+ year experience working with 3-12-year-old children.

 - You love learning new technology and skills.

 - You are positive. You ask “how to make it work?” before asking “will it be possible?” 

 - You seek feedback and welcome others to show different perspectives and more effective ways to help you grow.

 - You are empathetic and caring. You love children.

 - You are full of quirky and fun energy that can keep up with the 3-12yo energy balls :-)

 - You unify the team. You help nurture a loving and caring environment that upholds the values of empathy and compassion. 

 - Btw, you do NOT need to have a background in STEM. We have a thorough training program for those who love learning new things!

Quick FAQ:

 - Schedule? M-F 7:45am-4:15pm. The camp runs from 9am-3pm and we leave ample time before/after the camp hours to prepare for a peaceful & successful day :)

 - Other Opportunities? All our summer camp staff members are invited to work at our holiday camps throughout the year. 

 - Compensation? $160-190/day ($820-970/Weekly)

 - Location? 8 locations in Manhattan, and 2 locations in Downtown Brooklyn

 - COVID Policy? Complete COVID-19 vaccination is required.


What it’s like to work with NORY:

 - We are a company that seeks joy in all aspects of our work. We are purpose-driven and strive for excellence. We empower our team to be risk-takers; to try new things that enhance the NORY core values. Above all, we strive to develop our NORY core values in all the children we work with by demonstrating them through our daily interactions. 

If your heart races at the thought of spending a summer with us, we want to hear from you! 

*If you have a special reason to work with us, please email your cover letter and resume at liza(at)


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