Saturday, October 16, 2021

Enduring Apocalypse

Enduring Apocalypse: From Light til Night Isobel Chiang

Enduring Apocalypse: a 12 hour experiment presenting 50 performances by 50 artists/collectives, from 10am-10pm at the Abrons Arts Center. 

Stay for 10 minutes or stay for the full 12 hours–– audiences are invited to drop in and out of the event as they wish for the duration of the program.

Each performer will be responding to, contending with, expanding on all of the ways apocalypse befalls us, and ways to endure the ongoing man-made disasters happening to us and around us. 

This event is a demonstration, a release, a retrieval, a restoration. It is a way to be in community, and be present with place, its histories & temporalities. Each performance will hold the stage for 10 minutes, bringing an offering into the multitude, something enduring, something transient, something for the collective present; with performance styles spanning across genres, mediums, forms.

This is a practice of being in relation. As we revolve around the sun, the audience revolves, the performers too. We hope to facilitate momentary experimental grounds for artistic expression, research, study, interaction; and to feel a cathartic release–– all of which the dynamic audience witnesses.

This project is part of the City Artist Corps initiative with @nyfacurrent, @NYCulture, @QueensTheatre, and @MadeinNY. #CityArtistCorps #EnduringApocalypse


Concept and language by: Jenna Hamed & Kamelya Omayma Youssef
Executed by: Jenna Hamed & Tsohil Bhatia
Support: Meryem Rabia
Funded by: City Artist Corps grant


Schedule of performances:

10:00am: Introduction/grounding by Jenna Hamed

10:13am: The longest breath by Aminah Ibrahim

10:26am: :/ by evan ray suzuki

10:39am: Object || Body studies by IV & Maureen Catbagan

10:52am: Uncover: An Immersive Ritual for the Apocalypse by This Yearning

11:05am: Havel by Leilah Rosen

11:18am: Sadlands Demo by gorno (Glenn Potter-Takata)

11:31am: hafle poem by kamelya omayma youssef 

11:44am: Secret Rodeo Rope Tricks of the Khmer Rouge by Sean McNally

12:10pm: BREAK

11:57am: end (of) english by danilo machado

12:25pm: reading at the end of the world by niyati

12:38pm: Senator Addresses the Public Crisis by Debora Martinez

12:51pm: Final Word by Kristin Bauer

1:04pm: Supernova by Lara Atallah

1:17pm: Movement and conversations of the destruction of Palestine by Noel Maghathe and Iman Jabrah 

1:30pm [what I inherit;  what they give me; what I throw back] by Meryem Rabia

1:43pm: Muppet Fiasco by Xirin

1:56pm: Corridor of the Living by Anna Zagerson

2:09pm: Dua3 for the Apocalypse by Hilal Khalil


2:35pm: BREAK

2:50pm: Beauty and the promise of Palestine by Kaleem Hawa

3:03pm: Future of the selfless by Lianne Elsouki

3:16pm: All Around the World in West Africa by Dew Igoworia Onwuka

3:29pm: Boricua en la Ciudad by Ashley Mariani

3:42pm: At home within me by E Rady


4:08pm: Kazehito Seki by kate finley

4:21pm: Say Anything by ML Hassan

4:34pm: Kate and Leah

4:47pm: Anthony Lombardi    

5:00pm: BREAK    

5:15pm: Done & undone by Fadl Fakhouri

5:28pm: Tune In by Đurđija Vucinic    

5:41pm: Contact Confusion by Dirty Dames Dance, Catherine Cobb, Alex Brewster

5:54pm: Bowers Bows with Bows by Valerie Good

6:07pm: Corona Virus Haikus by Christine Yvette Lewis

6:20pm: Public Paintings for public parks by Cody umans

6:33pm: Centrifugal Revolving by Julia Hsia

6:46pm: 24 by Eleanor Lougee-Heimer, postmortemdemon

6:59pm: The One by Kraz, Wendi Krasowitz

7:12pm: burning of a rotted painting by val c

7:25: BREAK

7:40pm: BUTTERCUP TANTRUM MUTTON ENCORE by billy cancel, Thursday Fernworthy 

7:53pm: Spoken Word by M. Sweets

8:06pm: Shit Happens by Von Morris

8:19pm: Dyke-o’s Lament by jess saldaña

8:32pm: the spiritual trend is bored: reflections at the end of the world by Jenna Beardsley

8:45pm: Lula 19/85 by Rawya Elchab

8:58pm: Weighting for dessert by David Straange, Xiao Xie

9:11pm: Living In New York City When I Thought It Was the End by Davidson Garrett

9:24pm: Bahay Kubo on the Water by Abang-guard Duo, Jevijoe Vitug and Maureen Catbagan

9:37pm: rain by bes

9:50pm: deceleration ritual by ne:ni //Sahar Sepahdari-Dalai & Anima Correa


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