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September, 5-6, 2019

Modern Partnering & Repertoire Workshop

Company Members Richard Sayama, Sasha Rydlizky, and Vera Paganin performing SEELE choreographed in 2019. Russell Hadyn Photography

Back again for a second year!

***From the 2018 workshop Richard Sayama and Sasha Rydlizky have been hired as company members, and 11 out of 17 guest artists in the Mahaway: Spring Eternal June 2019 Performances were hired and paid. Be seen and stay in touch with us! ***

Partnering is a technique in and of itself. Learn the tools, intelligent and anatomical ways of approaching partnering work with YOUR body, and another’s in this 2-day workshop. The 2-hour class will begin with a Dynamic flowing warmup infusing “Core Synergy” exercises Alison has developed to increase core strength incorporated into a “Taylor based” center warmup. The importance of cross-training for the dancer will be emphasized and tools shared. The class will progress with traveling passes across the floor and begin to work with guided contact improv. The practice of taking and giving weight, lifts and falls based on three principals: leaning against each other and leaning away from each other (equal balance of gravity), pushing & following (different weight), taking off the pressure to arrive in lifts or falls. We will develop a physical connection with watchfulness to one as well as several partners. The last part of the class will be working on specific choreographed partnering movements from the repertoire of Alison Cook Beatty Dance. Phrase material will be taught and worked on in class to have the dancers work through transitions and musicality in and out of more complex partnering work. Please note that this workshop is an exploratory lab and a safe place for all that enter. Trust and respect are an absolute requirement. 

Workshop Fees
Full Two Day Workshop: $44
Pre-Reg Single Class: $23
Drop-In Single Class: $25


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Young dancers posing while holding homemade paper art projects


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Young dancers posing while holding homemade paper art projects

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