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March 9 - May 31, 2020

ONLINE - Animato Dance Art

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Animato Dance Art Presents!

Kinetica Movement FREE - ONLINE sessions

In a time when social distancing is required for the world’s safety, we strive for a continued sense of connection and community. Now more than ever, it is crucial that we remember the power of physical expression. As a community, we would like to invite you to experience Animato Dance Art's Kinetica Movement sessions ONLINE! Move freely within your own home alongside videos of other movers from around the world.  Experience Kinetica Movement by following the energy we all hold within while connecting to the feelings that arise with love and excitement. The result is a freeing, therapeutic, movement-based experience that is personal and unique to you. 

Animato Dance Art's Kinetica Movement sessions are live-streamed every day, 7 days a week!

They are open level and are designed for all ages and backgrounds of movers + people. 

Each session is 45 minutes long.  Take class with a friend- bring them virtually!

Kinetica Movement - 10:00 am (EST - NYC) // 17:00 ( Israel) 
*7 days a week
Kinetica Movement - 05:30 pm (EST - NYC) 
*1 days a week // Wednesday


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