Immigrants. Dance. Arts. Conference

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 Immigrants. Dance. Arts. Conference Conferencia Inmigrantes. Danza. Artes.  c??a??a??e?ze??a??e??a??a??a?se??



Queens Theatre, Flushing Meadows Park
14 United Nations Avenue South, Corona, NY 11368

Accessibility Features:
Queens Theatre is an accessible venue. Main entrances are wheelchair accessible and include power doors. All interior spaces and rooms are wheelchair accessible, via elevator. All restrooms are gender inclusive and wheelchair accessible. Rooms are lit by a combination of fluorescent lights and incandescent lights. We will not be able to provide child care or health care for this event.

If you require reasonable accommodation, please contact Hannah Joo prior to the event via email at or call 212.966.4452 (voice only).

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