Rehearsal Space Subsidy

2022-2024 New York City Dance Rehearsal Space Subsidy Program Components

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Value to Venues | Value to Dance Making Artists and Organizations

Value to Venues

Each rehearsal space venue selected as a grantee will receive the following:

  • Grant funds to provide subsidized dance rehearsal space throughout the course of the grant period (May 1, 2022-December 31, 2024);

  • Fees to support administrative costs to run the program;

  • In-kind marketing, communications, and outreach annually through Dance/NYC platforms; and

  • Professional development support in the form of grantee cohort meetings and annual site visits to drive individual and collective learning about artists’ needs and the landscape of rehearsal space.

Grant amounts will be calculated based on the subsidy needed by venues to cover the gap between the low rental fee charged to dance makers and the total cost for operating and maintaining the space made available through the RSS program, as well as the total number of hours the venue commits to providing annually.

Selection as a grantee includes participation in ongoing research informed by grantee cohort meetings and annual site visits which collectively serve to capture lessons learned and inform future iterations of the RSS program and the landscape of dance rehearsal space more broadly.

Value to Dance Making Artists and Organizations

While individual dance artists and dance making organizations are not the direct recipients of funding, they are the primary intended beneficiaries of the program. Benefits of the program include:

  • Increased access to affordable and quality rehearsal space;

  • Increased equity in the distribution of subsidized hours in terms of geography, dance genres, budget size, demographics of artists served, and the experience of artists throughout the course of the program;

  • Increased quality of artist experience in accessing rehearsal space, including reduced labor required to identify, secure, and gain access to affordable space;

  • A stronger, more sustainable pool of rehearsal space providers; and

  • Increased visibility and attention to the landscape of artistic development space and its importance as a critical resource to advance dance artistry.

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