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Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival

Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival

Mission Statement


Ladies of Hip Hop Festival (LOHHF) is a nonprofit organization that provides artistic opportunities for girls & women in hip-hop culture.  Through female-powered workshops, performances, public talks, and professional development training, LOHHF is educating and cultivating hip-hop's next generation of female leaders.

In March of 2011, Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival went to Europe! In Partnership with Urban Arts & Culture of Austria and the KosmosTheater, LOHHF

Program Statement

Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival has been a driving force in the empowerment of girls & women in HipHop. LOHHF began as a training ground for female HipHop dancers looking for a different perspective of the dance. It quickly grew from a day of dance workshops to a week-long international festival including female DJs, Mcees, graffiti & visual artists from around the world. LOHHF has built an international tribe of girls and women supporting each other.



Get Involved!

Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival Volunteer

Get Involved!  LOHHF Week-Of: Week-Of volunteers come in for a total of 9 hours over two separate days. The first five-hour shift must take place on the day before the event and The second four-hour shift can take place the week before the event or the day after the event and is flexible upon availability. Tasks include support for administration, production, media editing, post-production, and more. Day-Of:…


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