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Thank you for visiting the Immigrants. Dance. Arts. Dance Maker Directory. The directory aims to address a gap in visibility of and knowledge about dance workers making and performing dance by and with immigrant artists in the metropolitan New York City area. By centralizing listings of these artists on our website, which receives heavy traffic from the NYC dance community, and promoting the directory to dance community members and audiences throughout the five boroughs, Dance/NYC aims to increase awareness about immigrant artists.

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Ecuadorian American Cultural Center logo

Ayazamana Dance Group

Our mission is to provide the Ecuadorian arts community with resources to promote our culture in New York City. This enables…


Dance On

Art is a voice for change. Now more than ever we must protect it. Dance On is a campaign that aims to raise awareness, call…

Dance to the People

Dance to the People

Dance to the People is an open and itinerant collective that consists of dancers/movers and other collaborators (videographers,…


Gamelan Dharma Swara

Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival

Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival

MISSION Ladies of Hip Hop Festival (LOHHF) is a nonprofit organization that provides artistic opportunities for girls &…

Mayta Fusion Dance

Mayta Fusion Dance

"Let your vision be world embracing..." Baha'u'llah A local project based dance company stationed in Mid Hudson…

Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company, Inc.

Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company, Inc.

Bridging the grace of Asian elegance and American dynamism, the Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company is a premier provider of innovative…

Solo dancer captured in jump alongside details of the performances.


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Solo dancer captured in jump alongside text details of the performances.

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